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Classes Conducted @ Multiple Locations. 

  1. Ellicott City , Maryland

  2. Ashburn, Virginia

  3. Aldie , Virginia

Class Levels ...
Children should be 5 years or older to enroll.
Lessons are offered to Adults as well.

Beginner Level

Dancer is introduced to basic skills of Bharatanatyam such as  


  • Adavus (steps)

  • Aramandi (posture)

  • Hasthas (hand gesture)

  • Nritta (footwork)


 At the end of this level students learn simple dances such as Pushpanjali & Allarippu,Kowuthwam.

Intermediate Level

Dancers scale up to strengthening the footwork. They are taught


  • Abinaya (expressions)

  • Jathis & Korvai's (complex rythmic footwork)


They are introduced to learning items such as Shabdam, Jatiswaram& Keerthanam.

Advanced Level

Dancers at this level learn complicated dances -  Varnams & Thillana's which involve highly complicated foot work and Bhava (Emote) in order to portray a character or describe an emotion associated with the character.


salangai 1.jpg


Students are required to wear the THAPASYA uniform kurti with black leggings and dupatta. Hair should be tied up and away from the face with a bindhi on the forehead.
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