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About Us

THAPASYA is engaged in spreading BHARATANATYAM - an Indian Classical art form originating in ancient temples of South India.


Bharatanatyam uses rhythmic footwork (nritta), facial expressions (abhinaya), and exquisite hand gestures (hastas), to tell stories of Hindu gods and goddesses.


Bharatanatyam though very ancient and yet relevant art tradition of India lays emphasis on Indian musical instruments and Indian Mythology.

We also seek to actively interact with musicians and performers in the United States not only among classical musicians but also others such as hip hop, African and other nationalities that have a long tradition of fostering music, instrumental and vocal.


We aim to promote activities to propagate & preserve Bharatanatyam by conducting one-on-one individual classes by experienced teachers, lecture demonstrations, arranging tours of renowned and promising talent from India and stage performances by our students and teachers.

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